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September 2015

  1. Catherine’s work often has a depth of layers that matches her need to let a work be beautiful, as well as spiritual. VESTIGES allows the artist to return to subjects that she has not referenced in her encaustic paintings for a while. The landscape, our relationship to animals, both domestic and wild and perhaps portraiture, all will be honored for their collective life force.

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  2. "Observing Observing (a white cup)" Curated by Eric Elliott, Michael Howard, and Norman Lundin Including work by Fred Birchman, Sarah Bixler, Brian Blackham, David Campbell, Joe Crookes, Kimberly Clark, Dean Fisher, Cable Griffith, Laura Hamje, Kenny Harris, Amy Huddleston, Caroline Kapp, Matt Klos, Kathy Liao, Judy Nimtz, Elizabeth Ockwell, Anne Petty, Robert Schlegel, Bill Sharp, Graham Shutt, Laura Swytak, Jordan Wolfson, and Evelyn Woods.

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  3. Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) is proud to present Seattle-based sound artist and composer Nat Evans’ second immersive installation, That Summer, at CoCA UN[contained]. On September 12, everyone is welcomed to CoCA UN[contained] for a special, one night only, preview of his new work, That Summer, a sound document shown inside our shipping container where visitors will become immersed in the exploration of seasonal sounds.

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  4. ArtWalla’s third annual ArtSquared event features 100 artists from throughout the region and nearly 1000 6X6 inch original works of art, each attractively priced at $36. The event takes place September 25 through 27 at CAVU Cellars, located at 175 E. Aeronca Avenue in Walla Walla’s Airport District.

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October 2015

  1. EDGE offers artists a comprehensive survey of professional practices through a hands-on, interactive curriculum that includes instruction by professionals in the field as well as specialized presentations, panel discussions, and assignments. EDGE provides artists with the relevant and necessary entrepreneurial skills to achieve their personal career goals as well as to develop peer support and exchange.

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November 2015

  1. How do you build BUZZ? Buzz is not just about selling tickets or getting people through the door, it’s also about capturing communities’ imaginations and getting them actively excited to be a part of what you are doing. The following speakers will share their diverse experiences of creating a ruckus about their arts projects and organizations.

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December 2015