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About the Artist

Lydia Swartz (Seattle) is a flaneur, novelist, pornographer, poet, performer, & hardcore introvert. She crafts idiosyncratic interactive pieces and lurks near mics toting grocery bags bulging with props. Lydia writes book-length fiction: 1000 Nights is a complete novel about a woman who collects experiences and brings them home as stories for her invalid lover; Metamorphoses is a book-length collection of smut based closely on Ovid’s Metamorphoses; Man’s Best Friend is a novel in progress about Drake, who travels with his dog, Tiresias, after losing his job. Drake’s vestigial tail, Matey, gifts him with special powers. Drake’s nemesis, Godiva, lures him into a new career as a shaman.

Lydia was on the 2011 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival Literary Arts Jury. In vanilla life, she is a propaganda minister for safety net health care. She lives with her wife of 12 years and a fucking menagerie.

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