Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Sheila Klein (Edison) is a visual artist who straddles the worlds of art and architecture. She has been called "chief retranslater of everyday objects and a manipulator of familiar and archetypal images." She is making the world as she sees it one piece at a time, using a surprising combination of materials to propose solutions to the homogenization of our environment. She first lived in the Skagit Valley in 1976 and returned in 1995, where she lives on a farm with her artist husband Ries Niemi, and sons Rebar and Torque. Sheila wants to dress the world; the world is her studio.

Sheila received a 2013 GAP to assist with travel and living expenses associated with her project in Ahmedabad, India. The project is the coninuation of the work to create an architectural textile that is a collaboration between Muslim women who are part of the Sarkhej Roza Mosque community, The Sarkhej Roza Mosque Foundation, National Institute of Design students, and Sheila. In addition to the main artwork, NID students will work with the artist to design products which the women can produce to create a steady income stream to fund projects at the Mosque and in the community.

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