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The Art of Death: Shifting the way we look at Death

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The Majestic Ballroom, Bellingham, WA

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Artist Reception ticket price is $15.

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Mission of the Exhibit:
We hope to offer an opportunity for exploration through artistic interpretation and
expressions of death.
Every day we go through death. Death of a day, death of a season, death of time, youth and
innocence. We put to death bad habits, bad relationships and bad jobs. We watch as our
friends, family, pets and colleagues die. We have all been touched, moved and supported by
Death is part of life. It is in line with the natural order of all things. Yet, our culture has created
a negative label for death. We each have very strong images and words in our minds
associated with death. We are taught to look the other way, not talk about it and to conceal
our emotions surrounding death. Yet death is inevitable. What we can do is change our
knowledge and perceptions of death.
There are so many choices we can make about our dying process. Choices as to medical
questions and care, living wills, DNR orders, legal concerns, powers of attorney, wills,
cremation, burial, green burial, funerals, vigils, ceremonies, religious and cultural services. The
lists of options are as varied as the fees. What most people don’t realize is what happens
when you don’t make any of these choices before you die.
The goal of The Art of Death Exhibit is to bring a broader awareness to the choices
surrounding and supporting death.
We are easily moved from one concept to another through the medium of art. No other
medium can help open the doors of curiosity and awareness than through the expression of art. Through art, dance, poetry and music we can change our mood, our minds and our
A good death is an informed conscious death. May this exhibit offer you some tools to raise
your consciousness.

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