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SMOKE & DUST by Joy McCullough-Carranza | Macha Theater Works, Seattle

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Theatre Off Jackson
409 7th Ave S
Seattle, WA, 98104

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PWYC:  Wednesday, March 21; Industry PWYC:  Monday, April 2

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Intrigue surrounds Barbara Strozzi, an ambitious 17th century composer rumored to be a courtesan. Her brilliance and musical talent are dismissed in a male-dominated profession that stifles female musicians. In Smoke And Dust, a modern acting troupe explores Strozzi’s music and the personal life of this historical figure: was she a victim, or an empowered woman defying society’s moralistic expectations? Playwright McCullough-Carranza deftly weaves together past and present as characters in both timelines struggle against the limits society places on a woman’s ambition.

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