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The Creative Career Center is a comprehensive suite of career training and professional-development resources to help artists achieve their career goals. Artists learn best practices in the business of being an artist, increasing their confidence and entrepreneurialism. See below for upcoming events; or see more Creative Career Center offerings.

April 2017

  1. Artist Trust’s Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) applications are open and we want to help you submit a competitive application! Join Artist Trust's Grants Coordinator Owen David for a free webinar intended to help you put together your best GAP application. In this live-broadcast webinar, Owen will explain the components of the GAP application and provide tips & best practices for applicants. He'll also take time to answer questions from folks watching at home.

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  2. Office Hours is a free grantwriting support program for artists of all disciplines looking for advice on how to apply for funding from Artist Trust. Artist Trust staff will provide one-on-one consultation where we’ll walk artists through the application process for our grants, provide feedback on their grant applications, and answer any questions they have.

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  3. Led by artist Rachel Smith, this workshop will cover essential skills you'll need to find and develop audiences for your work, including elevator speeches, networking, and effective communications strategies for approaching gallerists, curators, and other art-world gatekeepers. Join us after for a free public happy hour (7-7:30pm) and panel discussion (7:30-8:30pm) that follows the workshop where artists will discuss how they've built audience for their own work and give you the chance to put your own networking skills to use. Need-based, Latinx, and Filipinx scholarships available by request.

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