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Art Business Night School: Writing Your Artist Statement / Seattle

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12th Ave Art, Pike Pine Room (upstairs)
1620 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

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Artist statements are hard to write, but they are an important way of explaining who you are as an artist. In this workshop, led by multi-discipline artist and Artist Trust Fellowship recipient Michelle de la Vega, you’ll look at examples of successful artist statements from artists of all disciplines and then revise your own. You’ll leave with a solid draft of a statement to use when applying for grants and residencies and as part of your website or portfolio.

Instructor: Michelle de la Vega

My work as a multidisciplinary artist includes installation, sculpture and mixed media. My visual art practice spans 24 years and an 19-year career as a dance and performance artist. I am a metal worker and use variety of materials in my visual work, always interested in branching into atypical materials that a project concept may call for.

My interest is creating immersive environments that connect communities, illuminate unheard voices and explore concepts that are personally and collectively relevant to the human experience. My work explores the dialogue between subjective emotional experience and objective conditions that are part of the moral questions haunting the generations, specific to now, yet floating in time (Adrienne Rich). My process draws meaningful connections through a melding of social engagement, thoughtful research and creative vision that weaves story and community voices into holistic and genuine artwork. At its best I believe art is a relational, experiential endeavor.

Interested disciplines

All Disciplines, Artists with Disabilities, Arts-Related, Craft, Dance, Design, Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Film/Media Arts, Folk/Traditional Arts, Literary Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Public Art, Theater, Visual Arts