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Are you an artist living in Western Washington? Arts Unlimited of Renton arranges solo or group shows of hanging art in several Renton restaurants and venues including Luther’s Table (4 weeks), Carco Theatre lobby (6 weeks), and Renton Technical College, Culinary Arts dining room (3-4 months). We also help connect organizers of special events in Renton, such as “Wine Walk” on June 9, with artists. Note that Arts Unlimited will open “Griot”, a large non-profit gallery and storytelling space this summer!

Fine artists or fine crafters who would like to be considered for a show should contact Paula Murakami at In general, works should be in a format which can be hung on a wall. Some venues may have additional display space for works in a case, cards on a rack or merchandise on a shelf. To be considered, please email your artist resume/bio and 3 or more images of your artwork. Be sure to include your full name, address, telephone, email, website (if applicable), your artwork medium and a one-paragraph description of your work. State the number of works potentially available and the general size or range of sizes (S, M, L, XL). Please let us know when and how long your works are available for show.

Upon Selection:
Although shows are primarily to introduce your work to the public in Renton, each venue does process any sales of artwork or merchandise and a price should be posted next to each piece. A check for any sold artwork is mailed by the venue to the artist following take-down of the show. The artist may be responsible to pay commission for any sales depending on the venue. Currently commissions range from none to 15%. Please confirm the commission rate at the time a show is first scheduled.
Artists who are juried into a show are required to sign an agreement provided by Arts Unlimited covering terms and conditions. Arts Unlimited of Renton does not assume any liability for stolen or damaged artworks. Do be assured that all shows are held in areas where staff are at work. Artists must supply 3 copies of an inventory sheet and are responsible for initialing for each piece with venue staff upon installation and take-down.
The responsibility for hanging and taking down a show lies with the artist, although volunteers will help if possible, and staff at each venue will be on hand to answer questions. Two venues have a hanging wire system installed on their walls and one venue uses nails (please bring a hammer). In general, art should be framed or on board and have a sturdy hanging wire on the back. Fine crafts such as quilts or non-traditional works will be hung as necessary.

Prior to a show please provide printed copies of a one-page informational sheet for customers, a card to be posted next to each artwork including price, and extra copies of any business cards. Please also send this information to Arts Unlimited by email. Arts Unlimited will announce the show on their website, on their Facebook page, and if a reception is held, through Meet-up. Artists are welcome to host an artist’s talk, an opening night reception or to send out emails or postcards to their client list or the public, but the effort and cost is primarily the responsibility of the artist. In some cases, the venues may be able to provide limited help, so please ask.

How to Apply
Paula Murakami
Arts Unlimited of Renton

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Craft, Visual Arts