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Schack Art Center, Everett / The Intersection of Art & Math / Call for Artists

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Schack Art Center is seeking artwork that incorporates mathematical concerts or ideas for the exhibit: The Intersection of Art & Math. The exhibit opens with a reception on April 26 from 5-8pm and runs through June 2, 2018.

Examples of artwork with math themes include - quilts, patterned prints, calligraphy, origami, mosaics, glass, ceramics, sculpture, etc. - any art form that uses or features math concepts. Artists must be able to explain how math was used in creating the work. We are also seeking artists interested in participating in the hands-on projects or being an artist-in-action (for a stipend) during student field trips.

All artwork must be for sale (unless an exception is made by the gallery director) with the gallery receiving a 40% commission.

Eligible media

Visual Arts