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The Studio of John Grade is seeking interns to join our team. We create large-scale sculptures originating from natural forms. We are currently focused on the interlocking systems of tree trunks and roots. We perforate these forms with light or lattice them with texture. The studio’s sculptures are exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, and outdoors in urban spaces and nature. Our projects are designed to change over time and often involve collaboration with large groups of people to build and install. We are in the studio Monday-Saturday from 9-5. We have a flexible schedule, so you are welcome to intern with us full time or a few days a week.

A background in woodworking, art, or a related field is extremely helpful. We utilize mainly woodworking tools. You will likely see time on the bandsaw, scroll saw, planer, jointer, and a variety of sanders. Much of your time will be dedicated to handheld tools, such as flexible shaft carvers, die grinders, and angle grinders. As an intern, you are in a position of exchange with us. We will learn from each other as well as work together to create art. We are a tight knit group of 16 people in the studio, so we are looking for interns who are a good fit with our team.

Currently, the Studio is doubling the size of the sculpture, “Middle Fork,” which will be installed in Seattle Art Museum’s Brotman Forum in February 2017. Looking forward, we will be creating new permanent installations for the City of Seattle (WA), using Alaskan cedar to create an organically geometric tree sculpture for Portland State University (OR), a large-scale sculpture for a new terminal at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport (WA), a long-term installation at Arte Sella Sculpture Park in Northern Italy, and a new exhibition at the Anchorage Museum (AK).

If this seems like a potentially good fit for you, please email me at
I would love to hear:
-What intrigues you about this opportunity to intern with us?
-What has your past experience with woodworking been?
-What time frame you are interested in? (Both which months you would like to join us and how many hours a week you are available to work).
-Whether you have worked in a group before and in what capacity?
-What you hope to learn from us?
If applicable, please send us a link to your portfolio.

Our internships are unpaid. However we have a few limited scholarship positions available to those who could not otherwise participate in this opportunity.

Eligible media

Craft, Visual Arts