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Hilltop Artists, Tacoma / Arts Connect Seeks Teaching Artist

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Arts Connect, a program of Hilltop Artists in Tacoma, WA, is an arts-based intervention and recidivism prevention program for young women aged 12 - 18 who are involved with Pierce County Juvenile Court. This is an after school program that occurs once per week and is offered in quarterly 10-week sessions. Arts Connect is currently seeking teaching artists that can deliver arts enrichment workshops with content that is generated from group discussions and writing activities around themes of identity, society, and healthy lifestyles. Workshops can utilize any medium and should include participatory hands-on projects. Artists must have a passion working with at-risk youth of diverse backgrounds and value mentorship and creative expression. Artists must be able to pass a criminal background check. Please send resume and cover letter to

Eligible media

Artists with Disabilities, Arts-Related, Craft, Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Literary Arts