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Eastside Association of Fine Arts (EAFA)

EAFA’s noble mission and purposes are to promote, encourage and educate its members and the public in art appreciation; to promote public appreciation in creative art; sponsor and provide programs for art education and artistic improvement of its members and the community; initiate, promote and participate in charitable projects; conduct activities with the goal of providing opportunities for the display of art work; perpetuate good fellowship among its members, encourage and assist other art groups, maintain the highest standards in relations with the public; have and exercise all powers necessary to fulfill these purposes.

In 1997 EAFA received its 501c3 non-profit status. Its membership has grown from its original six local founding artists to 360+ blossoming and professional artists. It has annual program of exhibitions, monthly demonstrations & lectures. EAFA networking between other art organizations and among its members has contributed in major ways to the Region’s reputation as host to the large and growing number of high quality visual artists. Managing Public Art displays bringing art experiences to the general public free of charge.

P.O. Box 50446
Bellevue, WA 98015-0446