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Addison Karl

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Fellowship Awards 2023
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Addison Karl, born in 1982 in Denver & raised in Phoenix, Arizona. A visual artist who has carved a path of self-discovery & self-expression through his work. With a background in printmaking that has spanned over 15 years, Addison’s education in the arts has been self-determined through creating art both nationally and internationally, from North America to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Addison’s work, both contemporary and self-taught, is an instrument of his art-centric focus and multidisciplinary approach. He draws references from personal interactions, nature, culture, history of humanity, altruism, color perception, and emotional states to create a visual narrative that is deeply rooted in creation and materials. 

His work takes shape through sculptures, installations, paintings, and public art, including large-scale murals, that aim to expand the viewer’s understanding of the context, structures, and surfaces it inhabits. His work strives for a meticulous harmony and balance between the art and the pre-existing environment, adding life to his pieces. 

Addison’s ongoing commitment to learning traditional Chickasaw and Choctaw art-making methods, as well as painting and sculpture techniques; has allowed him to create a visual narrative that speaks to his heritage. He imagines sculptures he has always wanted to see, casting his stories in bronze, iron, and Murano glass. An indication of the rich cultural heritage of the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations. He pays homage to their effigies, pottery, regalia, and tattooing, timeless art forms that were contemporary in their time and continue to resonate with contemporary audiences into the future. 

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