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About the Artist

Adele Little Caemmerer (Plain) recently returned to Washington after 15 years in India. She studied art at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, and completed her masters in art at Arkansas State University. Adele has exhibited her work abroad and in the United States. She teaches middle school art in Wenatchee. For the past several years she has been documenting daily patterns and translating these into visual form. One of these patterns has been that of being in transit.

Adele received 2014 GAP funding to print a collection of drawings in a micro-sized, micro-published book format as part of an upcoming solo exhibit. Her work documents patterns of everyday life and translates these into visual form. One of the patterns involves her experience of motion. The series started while she was living in India where she documented her daily commute for a month on a tablet device in abstract, linear drawings. Now the documentations have expanded beyond tablet devices to include drawings in other media, via various modes of transport, traveling to locations all over the world. Marking a journey has become a way of telling its story, yet without words. Cumulatively, patterns emerge, lived movements take visual form, like EKGs of transit. The micro-sized works in this series, approximately the size of a playing card or two, beg for an intimate interface with the viewer.

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