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About the Artist

Alexander Keyes (Seattle) grew up at the mouth of the Puget Sound, In Bellingham, Washington. This unique space, open to the sea and surrounded by mountains fostered a certain curiosity and wonder with the natural world. Seeing his father go out to sea as a merchant mariner only furthered his speculative fantasies of exploring the unknown. He eventually went to study art at the University of Puget Sound and the University of Oregon, settling into a rhythm of imagining epic adventures into unexplored spaces and making sculptures and drawings about those daydreams. He now lives in Seattle, Washington.

Alexander received 2015 GAP funding to help finish his project titled "to: europa," which will be exhibited at Gallery4Culture in 2016. "to: europa" is a collection of Alexander's daydreams and fantasies of building a rocket for a trip around Jupiter. The exhibition will include: model rockets, facsimilies of his workspace, and collages of outer space and the moons of Jupiter.

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