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About the Artist

Alexander Miller (Seattle) was born and raised in Spokane, Washington before leaving to study computer science at the University of Washington. After graduating, he worked as a software engineer for a few years before quitting to pursue art. His work integrates technical systems into visceral sensory experiences that explore emergent complexity and the computation of nature. While his process and resulting aesthetic are undeniably digital, his work incorporates organic weirdness too — wiggly worms, pulsating blobs, and tentacles inhabit his simulated digital worlds. He often collaborates with artist Alexander Nagy under the name SPACEFILLER.

Alexander received 2018 GAP Award funding to continue the development of a software tool called "Supercluster". "Supercluster" generates digital graphics in real-time based on user input, and has been used in interactive installation and performance contexts. He will debut the new version of the tool in an audiovisual performance.

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From the Artist

This is the first grant I've ever received after applying to many. It represents a huge milestone in my artistic career. The award validates my pursuit of art and inspires me to make new things.

Alexander Miller