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About the Artist

Alicia Tormey (Seattle) is a visual artist best known for her unique use of materials and inventive techniques. Blending bees wax, shellac and pigment, Alicia uses a blowtorch to cultivate these materials into forms and images of organic flora, distant landscapes and ethereal waterways that exist on a razor thin line between abstraction and representation. While she has devoted much of her studio practice to her paintings, Alicia has recently begun to expand into sculptural pieces that directly relate back to her two-dimensional works. Her art has been featured in numerous exhibitions and public collections throughout the United States.

Alicia received a 2014 GAP for assistance with design, fabrication and installation of a permanent workstation with equipment for large, 3D work. The direction in her studio practice has been evolving toward abstracted anthropomorphic landscapes and ethereal botanicals. Grant will help with specialized equipment, which will allow her to expand on her Specimen Series.

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