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About the Artist

Amanda Salov (Seattle) was born in 1980 and raised in Cambridge, Wisconsin, a rural town known for its pottery. She attended college in Whitewater, Wisconsin, to be close to her grandpa. He was the one who taught her to see in spite of the fact that he was mostly blind.

After starting college, her grandfather died and she found her mentor in the ceramics studio. In graduate school, the ideas driving her work began to focus on the fragility and transitory nature of human existence. Her installations and sculptures adopted a language utilizing translucent porcelain, sugar, fat, and beeswax.

In 2011, after several years of teaching, she left for the West Coast. She has developed a strong independent studio practice fully engrossed and influenced by the water, mountains, and mist of the Pacific Northwest.

Amanda received 2018 GAP Award funding to support new work for a solo exhibition at Sierra Nevada College, a two-person exhibition at College of the Redwoods, and an important group show at the 2019 National Conference for Education in the Ceramic Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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From the Artist

Diving deep into ones own research and communicating the things one holds most dear can often feel like calling into an endless void. It is gifts like this GAP award that acknowledges these acts as justified, and that others are listening. I am so grateful.

Amanda Salov