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About the Artist

Amjad Faur (Olympia) received his MFA in photography from the University of Oregon in 2005, where he first began researching and developing bodies of work addressing the social, historical, political, and religious facets of the Middle East. His father's family is Bedouin, geographically split between Jordan and Palestine. His mother's family has deep roots in the American South, specifically Northwest Arkansas. Amjad has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. His work has been acquired for the permanent collections of the Portland Art Museum, the University of Oregon, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, and other collections. He is currently represented by PDX Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon. Amjad now resides in Olympia, Washington, where he teaches photography and visual culture at The Evergreen State College.

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From the Artist

I was awarded this Fellowship at a pivotal moment in my artistic and professional life. When I set out to produce my most recent body of work (which was finished and exhibited in April 2017), I was taking a step into, what was for me, uncharted waters. I was using a brand new process and attempting to approach subject matter that was new and mercurial. It was a deeply vulnerable and uncertain time for me and I applied for this Fellowship about halfway through this new project, when I still felt at the mercy of these creative and intellectual choices.

Receiving this Fellowship has been one of the most powerful vindications of these choices that I could have ever imagined. It is difficult to express my full gratitude in receiving this award. The feeling is overwhelming and considering the amount of extraordinarily talented Washington artists who also applied this year, being selected is truly humbling.

The award will allow me the financial resources to begin producing my next body of work with a feeling of certainty and determination. It will take several years to finalize a new project and I will be able to turn to these funds at that time with a sense of humility and purpose.

I want to extend my greatest feelings of gratitude to Artist Trust. This is an extraordinary moment for me personally, professionally, and creatively. It will stand as a formative moment as I move forward and I will always do my best to represent your decision with grace and creative fire.

Amjad Faur