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Amy J Lambert (Johnson), (Seattle) is a dance artist who playfully choreographs and directs in both the realms of musical theater and concert dance. Her process is text-based; taking inspiration from literature, historical research, free writes, and scientific text. Growing up in Vancouver, Washington, she spent all her youthful time at the dance studio training in several dance techniques and in the music room training as a competitive percussionist. Those years of study, along with her discovered love of dance and art history at Cornish College of the Arts, have largely shaped the focus, process, direction, and presentation used in her work. She strives to make work that combines strong dance aesthetic with the principles of fine art and live performance. Amy is driven to find the honesty and humor in life and is intrigued by the unique way theater can tell the unexpected truth.

Amy received 2017 GAP funding for dramaturgical research and process, and to devote time to a two-week residency in January 2018 with her collaborators Taryn Collis and Sean Tomerlin for a new dance-theater work entitled Block Time. The theory of Block Time - the idea that all time, past, present, and future, exist in one large block - holds that although we can only move through time in a linear fashion, it does not mean that time itself is linear. Her goal is to use dance and theater to reflect how a change in our understanding of time can adjust our perception of reality and everyday events, within the framework of this scientific theory. Culminating in an evening-length performance projected to premiere in the summer of 2018, this new dance-theater work will express and relate the complexities of this topic in a poetic fashion through a nonlinear narrative.

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From the Artist

I would like to thank Artist Trust for their generosity in supporting the development of this upcoming work.

Amy Lambert