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Anastacia Tolbert (Marysville) is a writer of poetry, prose, plays and journalism. She is a Cave Canem Fellow, a prestigious program for African American poets and holds an undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She received a 2004 San Diego Journalism Press Club Award for her article War Torn. In 2007, she wrote, co-produced and co-directed GOTBREAST?, a documentary about women and body image. She is a 2010 Hedgebrook Writer in Residence and VONA Alum. She has taught writing, poetry and performance workshops to students of all ages at schools, literary centers, battered women’s shelters, youth camps, and libraries. She has facilitated creative writing workshops for adults at Seattle’s Richard Hugo House, the country’s third-largest literary center. She has performed her poetry in more than fifty venues, including colleges, writers’ conferences, and art museums, and as a featured artist on six radio stations and her poetry, fiction and nonfiction has been published widely.

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From the Artist

You Aint Coo

does a pigeon know that no one likes it?

is it callous or carefree about
humans perceptions? are pigeons scavengers or frugal?
have you ever seen a baby pigeon?
where do all baby pigeons live?

do the grown pigeons prepare them? tell them that everyone will hate them. bury baby heads in pigeon bosoms and slowly say humans will clutch their food when they see you, look at you in disgust as they walk by and baby humans will kick you if they can.

mama pigeons have to tell them how low they are perceived—compared to doves. because there are no biblical references to pigeons and no one wants to be pigeon-toed, pigeonholed

or pigeon-hearted.

do pigeons cheat on their pigeons?
favor white breadcrumbs over wheat?
no one wants to be:
a foot turned inward-confined-coward.

does a pigeon know that that it is really a dove? two stout seed or fruit eating birds with small heads, short legs and cooing voices.

can a human distinguish a pigeon from a dove

if neit

Anastacia Tolbert