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About the Artist

Annette Frahm (Seattle) has always worked with words and pictures. She developed a passion for photography in college, but a serious illness closed that door. She focused on writing and environmental issues instead. She worked in environmental communications for many years, while pursuing photography as a hobby. In 2011 she enrolled in the Master of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington. When she took her first multimedia storytelling class, she knew she had come home. Multimedia storytelling combines words and visuals to tell someone's story, much more powerful than using either one alone. Annette has become an award-winning producer of films and videos. Her portfolio includes short documentaries as well as videos for education and training, marketing and crowdfunding. She is pursuing filmmaking as a retirement career, working more on creative projects as she works less for clients. Her goal is to produce documentary films that matter.

Annette received 2017 GAP Award fundering for Girls and Glaciers - a short documentary about teenage girls pushing their boundaries in challenging high alpine terrain. The film follows three girls: a black girl aspiring to be a scientist, a Hispanic girl from Los Angeles who had only hiked once or twice in her life and a First Nations girl from British Columbia who really enjoys art and photography.

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From the Artist

I was very excited to receive this grant from the Artist Trust. The money will be used for film festival application fees and travel to festivals, with a goal to develop a reputation as a filmmaker and make connections with others involved in film. The film has been completely self-funded, and I don't make much money these days, so the grant reduces the financial burden. Getting support from the Artist Trust has built my confidence and helped me believe that my goal of making documentary films is not just a pipe dream.

Annette Frahm