Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Brian Kooser (Seattle) received a 2009 GAP for time and materials to create a new piece of puppet theatre. “Bloody Henry” will utilize Bunraku puppets on an elaborate castle set piece as its major storytelling device and will include projections, shadow puppets and prerecorded projected film work to establish place and time.  Giant puppets will form an iconic Catholic Church that is destroyed by Henry VIII’s desire for a divorce. Punch and Judy style hand puppets will be used to show other incidental scenes, and a minstrel or two will provide music with period instruments.

Brian received a 2006 GAP to assist with development of UFO the Puppet Show, a musical puppet comedy featuring Kooser’s work as a master puppet maker. “UFO the Puppet Show asks the question ‘What would aliens do if ‘Nazi Scientists’ created a perfect Aryan Soldier who moved to America, became a movie star and ultimately was elected Governor of California (perhaps president of the USA)?,’ says Kooser. The artist hopes to be ready for his first performance between February and summer of 2007.

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