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About the Artist

Born in California, Caroline Seacadence (South Colby) has been a painter for over 20 years and is a former psychotherapist. Caroline has the luck of having had a life mostly: near; on; in; over, or; under the Pacific Ocean. She feels she lives by water. Her water and or oceanic wave series reflect knowledge that is kinesthetic as well as learned, and a lifelong love of the seas that enrich all of our lives. In 2001 she gave a presentation on the painters of water over history, and is happy to report that, as best she can tell, the two painters who painted water the longest (intermittently for over 40 years each) were Claude Monet and Max Ernst. She loves color and trying to make oil surfaces as translucent as glass; make her paintings compel viewing. She has been influenced by the paintings of ocean done by N.C. Wyeth; Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and Takao Tanabe, and, of course, Monet and Ernst. Her aim is reach viewers emotionally. Her “vision” would be to positively effect change within viewers so the oceans would be better cared for.

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