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Chai Adera (Seattle) is a mixed media artist born and raised in Seattle's South End. His work reflects the dynamic fluidity of young males of color both surviving and thriving in underserved urban communities. Having worked in digital media beginning in middle school with experiences as part of Longhouse Media, Red Eagle Soaring and Clearsky Native Youth Council he has a strong foundation in community driven stories. Now as a young adult, emerging as a recognized artist, his video works have been accepted into SIFF, Local Sightings Film Festival, Bridge Productions, Re:definition at the Paramount Theatre, First Thursday Art Walk, the Muckleshoot Tribe and on

Chai received 2017 GAP Award funding to produce digital media by documenting political and cultural movements (#divest), campaigns (Seattle Peoples Party), marches, voter outreach at powwows that is created with the millennial audience in mind and for distributing on social media. King County has relatively high voter participation rates for presidential elections, yet a very poor turnout for local elections. There is a significant need for neighbor to neighbor outreach across communities of color to encourage and support participation in the voting process. King County communities affected by poverty and racial disparities are also known to have lower participation rates in local elections. Plus, the millennial generation, the largest generation in U.S. history, needs to be encouraged to participate in the voting process. 

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From the Artist

Thank you for the money! It's cool because this might open the door for other underserved artists and young people in Seattle to be seen, heard and appreciated.

Chai Adera