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Christopher Icasiano (Seattle) is a Filipino-American percussionist and composer. He grew up in Redmond, Washington and has been playing drums since he was eight years old.

While studying jazz at the University of Washington, Christopher developed an interest in free-improvisation, experimental, and avant-garde music, which has informed his musical approach ever since. His influences include 90's R&B, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary classical, folk, metal and noise, and his music finds intersections between experimental and mainstream. He tours internationally with his drum-sax duo Bad Luck, several folk and pop bands, and as a solo artist.

As a curator, Christopher creates mind-expanding experiences featuring unconventional music in club environments. He co-founded the Racer Sessions, a weekly performance series, and the arts organization Table & Chairs. His chicken adobo is delicious, he has run three marathons, and his current karaoke song is Luther Vandross’ "So Amazing."

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From the Artist

I'm so thrilled to be the recipient of the 2018 Artist Trust Fellowship. This is a life-changing gift and will open up new opportunities for me to fulfill my goals and aspirations as an artist. I feel grateful for the opportunity and excited to plan my musical endeavors for the coming years.

Christopher Icasiano