Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Christopher Martin Hoff (Seattle) received 2010 GAP Award funding to purchase monthly public transportation passes and to offset the cost of materials for his project 1:1. An urban painting program that combines on-site easel painting with the flexibility of public transportation to further explore neighborhoods in Seattle, 1:1 creates opportunities for the public to watch art being made in and about their communities. The title refers both to the direct social interaction inherent in painting in urban spaces and to the format of the paintings themselves, which will be comprised of squares and therefore have 1:1 height-to-width ratios.

Christopher received 2006 GAP Award funding to help with costs associated with travel to New York City for the purpose of working on location at the World Trade Center site. He will create the second in a series of eleven oil paintings documenting the reconstruction of the site. Christopher hopes to complete the second painting in 2007 and the entire series by 2016 as it fully documents the transformation of the site.

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