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D.K. Pan is an artist investigating the intersection of place and memory - through visual art, video, performance, public art, installation, interventions - exploring the interstices and histories of site; the personal and collective body.

D.K received GAP 2016 funding for 36 Views of the Sun: Meditations on Time, Hands, and Infinity, a photography project that investigates the temporary construction wall of the future light rail station in U-District. The project is an installation of 36 convex mirrors (18"/each) which utilize un-contracted Braille to spell out, “TIME IS MEMORY.” The mirrors will face the UW Tower and create a dynamic facade reflecting the architecture, movement, and weather. The title is inspired by Henri Rivière's 36 Views of the Eiffel Tower, (which was influenced by Hokusai's 36 Views of Mount Fuji), referencing the 36 dots (mirrors) of the Braille sentence. On the face of each mirror will be a hand-drawn image, stenciled then acid-etched, referencing themes of time, hands, and infinity.

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From the Artist

I'm grateful to Artist Trust for this grant. I sincerely appreciate the support to realize the project.

D.K. Pan