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Daniel Barry’s (Seattle) music falls primarily into the jazz category but assembles ideas from Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian and Brazilian musical traditions. During the last five years, Daniel has conducted performances of his large ensemble compositions in Reykjavik, Iceland; Oslo, Norway; Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Diadema, Sao Paulo, Campinas, and Tatui; Brazil, Lima, Peru; and Denver, CO. He is a recording artist with Origin/OA2 Records, Music Director for the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra, writes and performs regularly with the Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, and his chamber music groups 2 Hemispheres and Walk All Ways. Daniel recently was honored with a Fulbright Scholar Award and served as Composer-In-Residence at the Univeridade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil in 2012.

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