Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Daniel Carrillo (Seattle) is a self-taught mezzotint artist and photographer. Born in Mexico and raised in California, he moved to Seattle in 1997. He has been printmaking for five years and shooting photographs since high school. His work has been exhibited in Davidson Galleries, Gallery 110, Sev Shoon, CoCA , Shenzhen, China, Some Space, Gage Academy, SOIL, and several juried exhibitions, and was also recently featured in CityArts.

In the past year, Daniel has discovered and solidified his role in the art community as a wet plate collodion photographer.  Working with this antique process (which has been in use since 1850) to create timeless and unique images has become both a passion and an obsession. The money from his 2011 GAP will all go towards a lab-grade PVC fume blower to allow Daniel, with confidence and safety, to create daguerreotype portraits of members of the arts community that will last for generations.

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