Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Daniel Cautrell (Duvall) received a 2007 GAP to cover creation and documentation of outdoor public art installations in the ongoing Offerings to the Wind Series. The series of twenty-four sculptural installations is inspired by the recent severe winter storm and its devastating effect on the artist’s rural community. “In and around the Snoqualmie Valley there are still remnants of the incident. Where the trees had fallen they have been cut back and removed leaving a freshly cut ‘tableau’ of clean surface emerging from the woods. I have selected particular areas where these tree stumps have been revealed and begun to create a series of art installations that offer a subtle reminder of the historical storm and the response to it.” The work will be installed along the well-traveled roadways and byways of the Snoqualmie valley.

Daniel also received a 2000 GAP.

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