Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

David Julian (Seattle) received a 2007 GAP to help cover the costs of production and travel to create Collections, a series of montages of photographic portraits and symbolic objects. The work is designed to “explore meaningful relationships between individuals and the significant items they passionately collect throughout their lives. With this work, I intend to document not just what we covet, collect or hoard, but to tell a deeper story of how we revere objects as threads to our past, or as aspects of our personalities. Accompanying each narrative montage will be a brief story by the individual describing their collections’ significance to their personal history.” The project is a result of Julian’s documentation of the Katrina disaster where he “saw the personal contents of homes strewn about the landscape and heard the stories of the possessions returning residents missed the most.”

Information included above was provided by artist at the time of application.