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About the Artist

A Seattle-based playwright, photographer and novelist, David A. Tucker II has had several of his plays produced and/or developed at theaters across the nation, including Seattle Repertory Theatre, Abingdon Theater Co., ACT, Tacoma Actors Guild, and Foothill Theater Co. His theatrical works include The Nude, Persistence of Vision, Another Day in Baghdad (about his military experiences in Iraq), Under the Skin and North Wind Blowin', a play with music. 

David received 2016 GAP funding for Smoke, a project where he interviews, photographs and videotapes members of Ebola burial teams as well as medical personnel who combatted the disease, an Ebola survivor, and staff on the Dead Body Management Teams in Liberia. His intent is to capture this challenging time in West African history by creating a theatrical work that weaves not only dialogue based upon these interviews, but also black and white photographs and video footage of the Liberian people and the locations in which these events took place.

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From the Artist

This GAP grant will significantly impact my career as a writer and photographer in a very positive, long-term way. The success of my planned interviews/photographs will be critical to producing a theatrical work that can potentially resonate on a local, national and international scale. This GAP grant provides invaluable funding that will enable this project to become a reality.

David Tucker