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Derrick Jefferies (Seattle) received 2008 GAP Award funding for a small light box to shoot on in addition to a large light box to display prints. His work “champions the ubiquitous object or material and how it can surprise, befuddle, or transcend its everyday connotation.” Derrick mostly shoots semi-transparent objects with the aid of a light box and, after digitally combining photographs together, creates organic scenarios that imply movement or biological imperatives.

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From the Artist

I am a Seattle-based artist who works primarily in photography but creates works in sculpture, collage and installation. My work champions the commonplace and how it can surprise, befuddle or transcend its every day connotations. What appears to be biological is in fact inert, made of materials found in the home and on the street. The intimacy of form through function as in used gum or soap, act as a stand-in for the body. Relegated to the unsanitary, these items reflect our own fears and vulnerabilities born out of the shifting and often dysfunction(ing) of the body.

Derrick Jefferies