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About the Artist

Maggie Argiro (Seattle), a Washington State employee, spends her days fighting with library software and managing a team of work study students in a dusty community college library. When she isn’t in the stacks where she gathers much of her creative inspiration, she takes classes at Hugo House.

Sanwal Deen (Seattle) is originally from Islamabad, Pakistan and graduated with an MFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. To the US he has carried fond memories of late-night monsoon meals in tin-roofed restaurants and the sound of his father's camera shutter. He learns through experimentation and play, and has been collaborating with his wife, a writer, for the past five years. An inter-ethnic, international, and interdisciplinary marriage, inspiration for the zine comes their own cultural resources.

Maggie and Sanwal recieved 2018 GAP Award funding to purchase equipment and materials for Dhaba, a zine of experimental photography and writing, that is sent to 50 people worldwide each month. By eliminating the costs of materials and equipment we can focus on the experimental and creative aspects of Dhaba.

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From the Artist

Each issue of Dhaba is a manifestation of love. There is no sweeter reward than the validation of love. We thank Artist Trust for the support and confidence.

Dhaba: Maggie Argiro and Sanwal Deen