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Dylan Nelson (Spokane), born in Spokane and a student of Eastern Washington University for two years before leaving to pursue other endeavors, has been finding time to write and create since elementary school. With no training in radio or broadcast he began to experiment with podcasting in late 2015 out of a passion for the medium, jumping between various improvisational and story-based ideas before finally settling on Ranking the Kingdom in 2016. In the time since he began Ranking the Kingdom Dylan has been a guest on the “Never Ending Random Discussion” podcast based out of Spokane, and he now hopes to spread the word of the show even further by expanding to Youtube. In the future he hopes to to branch out into other mediums as well, and to perhaps begin creating things with a more narrative structure.

Dylan received 2017 GAP Award funding for Ranking The Kingdom, which began its life as an audio podcast where I, a normal guy with half of a college education, would research and review a different animal each week and then provide a score out of 100 based on everything I’ve learned. The podcast is only about an hour long, and in-spite of its odd premise the majority of each episode is simply him relaying a collection of animal facts to the listener. It’s a reason to sit down and learn about rattlesnakes or moose or crows for 45 minutes, and then at the very end you also get the excitement of hearing a score and learning who would win in a battle between them.

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From the Artist

I was beginning to feel like I might never be able see the full potential of my project, but Artist Trust and their generous grant will help me make my vision a reality. Thank you all so much!

Dylan Nelson