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About the Artist

Ellen Fullman (Seattle) received a 2003 GAP to assist in studio rental expenses in preparation for an upcoming series of collaborations at Stichting INTRO in situ in Maastricht, Holland. An accomplished musician, Fullman has been playing the Long String Instrument (LSI) – the artist’s own invention – for 20years. The instrument requires at least 50 feet of studio space. For Fullman, the most important collaborator participating in the series is the American composer and cellist, Frances-Marie Utti. “Frances is fascinated by the intonation and partials she hears in the LSI. We feel our instruments will merge, intersect, and camouflage each other. This opportunity in Holland will enable us to begin to realize the potential of our collaboration. Documentary materials from this performance will be used to seek future engagements.”

Ellen also received a 1999 Fellowship.

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