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Eroyn Franklin (Seattle) has been making comics for the last decade and has written many short works and two graphic novels, Detained and Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory. She sees stories and images, not as two separate parts, but elements that are intrinsically tied and act as one language. She learned this language from her sister, Tory Franklin, who is also a visual storyteller and a vital influence. They grew up blending their personal and creative worlds--so homes became art venues, friendships turned into collectives, and arts organizing led Eroyn to co-found Short Run Seattle, an arts nonprofit. That fundamental belief in intertwining community and art drove her to seek collaborations with her partner, sister, and many friends. Whether making things alone or in tandem, she moves fluidly between mediums and sizes ranging from miniature books to public art.

Eroyn received a 2017 GAP Award for a collaborative 250-page graphic novel she's creating with Tim Miller. Funding will be used to replace her dying laptop for processing the hi-resolution images required for this book.

Eroyn received 2010 GAP Award funding towards the purchase of equipment to help in the production of Detain, a nonfiction graphic novel that explores immigrant detention centers in Washington State. Cross-sections of these facilities are depicted in panoramic drawings that are bound in an accordion-style. The pages unfurl to reveal the stories of Many Uch and Gabriela Cubillos, two immigrants who were detained while awaiting deportation. Their contrasting stories overlap with those of other detainees to discuss the history of immigration detention, laws surrounding the process, as well as the economic, social, and psychological effects of detention.

Artist Trust thanks the Amazon Literary Partnership for underwriting this award through Artist Trust’s Corporate Partnership program. For information about supporting Washington State artists, visit here.

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From the Artist

With my computer on its last legs, I’ve been struggling to work with the large files needed to make comics. This grant bolsters my own investment in this invaluable equipment contributing, not only to the progress on my current book, but to my future projects for years to come.

Eroyn Franklin