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About the Artist

Etta Lilienthal (Seattle) has a history designing, internationally, projects in installation, film, dance and theatre with collaborators including Olson Kundig Architects, Kronos Quartet, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Mark Haim, and Emio Greco|PC. Her recent sculptural installation work, as part of the partnership LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA, has been featured at Design Miami X, Suyama Space, the Frye Art Museum, and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Etta’s work remains rooted to the linear quality of a pen and paper drawing, while reimagining larger than life environments to tell a story. Her recent work, PASSAGE, explores the intersection of interior observations from self-inquiry, and the expressive experience of spiritual collective unconscious. 

Etta received a 2010 GAP for expenses associated with a residency in Amsterdam to study with the modern dance company Emio Greco|PC. This residency will allow Lilienthal, a scene designer, to imbed herself into their creative process, while experiencing performances of art, dance and theater in Amsterdam. The residency will greatly further her understanding of how to create a seamless blend of the elements of performance art including stage design, sounds and lighting. Etta is also the recipient of a 2013 CityArtist Project award, which will be used to support the production of an environmental site-specific light installation & a number of live performances over a two-week period in multiple spaces.

Etta received 2015 GAP funding to assist in the creation of "Sun Cloud," a grand light chandelier for the 12th Avenue Arts building lobby in Capitol Hill, Seattle. "Sun Cloud" will place the viewer inside the installation as an active participant while challenging the perceptive limits of positive and negative space. Formed by a complex arrangement of crossing modern LED tubes, the sculpture will address the duality of the weather in the Northwest, bringing the vitality of the sunlight indoors in the form of a golden yellow cloud of light.  Reimagining this larger than life environment to tell the story of a community, the suspended sculpture transcends the physical plane to address the greater human experience using light, space, and color.

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