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Grace Love (Port Townsend) has a history that is one of a starving artist. In 2006, she started performing professionally with her first musical. As of today, she has performed roughly 1,000 shows. Music is at the center of her abilities, yet there is so much that she wants to offer to the world. She loves cooking and bringing people together.

Grace has played alongside Melissa Etheridge, sat in with the California Honeydrops while on tour with Bonnie Raitt, and was humbled by Quincy Jones enjoying her set. She feels most grounded in the Pacific Northwest and has been here a large majority of her life. "I am undertaking as much as the universe is willing to give me," she said.

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From the Artist

This has increased my drive to put art into the world the best way I know how. I have been in awe and disbelief since I received the news! I think of what Russell Wilson said "Why not me?" and I believe it even more today than yesterday. This grant just opened a door I thought was closed and I am forever grateful!

Grace Love