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About the Artist

Haruko Nishimura (Seattle) has been an active director, organizer, choreographer, and performer for the past ten years. Two of her major works, Nymph and Scream!Liondogs, were produced and commissioned by On the Boards in Seattle. She is co-founder of the Degenerate Art Ensemble for which her adventurous work combines physical theater, butoh dance and live experimental music. She has performed around the globe with DAE as well as the other cooperatives from San Francisco, Berlin and Holland. She has previously received an Artist Trust GAP and will be touring the Czech Republic and Germany this spring with DAE.

Haruko received a 2008 GAP to create a dance film that captures Nishimura’s butoh-inspired movement and physical theater in a fully realized video production. The theme of this work will be “the blending of nature with artifice.” Her vision includes “meticulous woven forests and landscapes made from the lease expected materials with my strange world of characters… a banana slug princess who’s slime is crochet. Her dress becomes a caterpillar cocoon made of sparkling spider web-like threads.” Nishimura will collaborate with Ian Lucero, a video artist, and Mandy Greer, a whimsical textile artist. Intricate sets, music and animation will bring a new aspect to Nishimura’s movement.

Haruko received a 2004 GAP to cover the registration fees for attending two workshops with master Butoh dancer Carlotta Ikeda and dancer Ruth Zapora (founder of Action Theater) respectively. Nishimura’s own choreography and performance style borrows from both Asian and Western avant-garde techniques and combines these elements with a commitment to physical theater and live experimental music. These workshops will “help expand my vocabulary and skills to meet the demands of new projects.”

Haruko also received GAPs in 1994 and 2000.

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