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About the Artist

Heather Dawn Sparks (Bellingham) engages collective action and inspired participation through immersive sculptural and performative works of art. Her dreamscape environments vividly bring to life forms from nature and the sublime absurdity of play. Through a multi-disciplinary approach to performance she utilizes a broad range of experimental materials including lenses, mirrors, glass, water, dichroic film, silhouettes, and intricate paper cuts. Layers of light and shadow create moving landscapes rich with story and character.

Heather received 2018 GAP Award funding to develop a series of photographic stills and shadow performance films exploring shadow and light as both medium and metaphor. She envisions creating a series of intricate lace paper cut costumes to alter silhouetted forms into that of landscapes, elements, and characters.

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From the Artist

I accept this GAP Award with much gratitude! It comes at a fortuitous time in which the seasonal return to darkness brings into focus deeper explorations of ideas long incubating. I'm now able to spring into collaboration with other artists to create cutting edge narrative through the syntheses of mediums.

Heather Dawn Sparks