Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

In Isaac Layman’s (Seattle) highly detailed and typically monumental work, he photographs objects such as a medicine cabinet, kitchen sink, stove tops and tools from a variety of perspectives, and then collages the individual, digital photographs to create a single hyper-real image. In doing so, he brings the mundane objects into extreme focus and clarity in hopes of challenging his audience’s perception of everyday experiences with everyday objects. Isaac received a BFA in Photography from the University of Washington in 2002. He received the prestigious Seattle Art Museum’s 2008 Betty Bowen Award and is represented by Lawrimore Project.

Isaac received a 2011 GAP to help defray the many costs associated with his first solo museum exhibit, opening in November 2011 at the Frye Art Museum. His highly-constructed photographic images offer psychologically charged visions of the spaces and objects found in his Seattle home.

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