Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Jen Vertz and Jeff Jacobson, who collaborate as Rio Pacific Studio, have lived and worked together in Pioneer Square since 2006. Their impact on the community has been significant, regularly providing opportunities for other artists to showcase their work and building positive relationships with the viewing public. They organize the annual street art festival, Artoleptic, transform forgotten spaces with colorful, dynamic murals, and work with the Alliance for Pioneer Square, local businesses and other organizations to energize and promote the health and well-being of the neighborhood.

Both members of Rio Pacific Studio are also prolific and successful artists in their own right. Jen’s photographs depict the challenges of today’s complex, sometimes off-balance world. Jeff, a painter, incorporates fantastic, hyper-realistic imagery into aerosol murals and fine art paintings. His work reflects his experience in street culture, interest in environmental issues, and universal themes ranging from love to aging to finding order in chaos.

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