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Johnathan Heath Lambe AKA Maxx Lexington (Seattle) received his BFA in sculpture and video from Cornish College of the Arts in 2008. He has exhibited his work around the city in galleries and alternative venues including the Erotic Art Festival at Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall, Blue Vertical Studio, X17 Gallery, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Gallery 154, Marcus’ Martini Bar, and Secluded Alley Works among others. His video work has been screened at Reeling LGBT International Film Festival in Chicago and Shriveled Eyeballs Video Festival in Seattle. His media installation This Is What Democracy Building Looks Like caught the eye of Su Job when it was exhibited in 2006 at Blue Vertical Studios in the Tashiro Kaplan Building in Pioneer Square.

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From the Artist

This Is What Democracy Building Looks Like exhibit encompassed the entire 1000+sf interior galley space of BVS in the TK building, with 2284 white index each printed with the name, rank, branch of service and date of death of U.S soldiers that have giving their life for their country in the Iraq war as of March 2006. At the same time a video of images of war and war statistics all edited to music of Prez. George W. Bush quotes was projected on my person as I stood on a soap box, tape over my mouth while pulling white index cards out of an ammo box and tossing them to the ground. This video was then projected over two 20’ glass windowws that punched through the gallery space to the streets-cape below. On the street below a matching set of red cards bled out from under the windows into the street. 2284 red index cards laid on the sidewalk and the roadway demanding attention. People could walk over the cards with out noticing them, if they did not wish to walk over the red cards then they had to cross the street where they could not help but look at the video that was projected through the windows.

Johnathan Heath Lambe