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About the Artist

Julie Alexander (Seattle) paints organic grids that are about relationship. She amasses horizontal and vertical lines into a landscape that contains layered color, surface tension, undercurrents of dispersal, and social bundling. “Currently each of my paintings is an open-ended contemplation of a nearly single color. I am drawn to the cool end of blue as water with its fluidity, its uncertain, layered depths, and its surface as it interacts with air; blue as a healing color associated with the fifth chakra; and, blue edging more to green, as the ground in Cy Twombly’s 2003 paintings ‘A gathering of time’,” says the artist. Alexander has recently exhibited her work at the Alchemy Gallery (Seattle), the gallery at Eastern Washington University (Cheney, WA) and at the Chase Gallery (Spokane, WA). Her work has also been added to the King County Portable Works collection and was recently featured in several blogs, including Studio Critical and Best of. Additionally, she was recently awarded a residency with Jentel of Wyoming. Julie received her BFA from the University of Washington in 1981 and she lives in Seattle.

As part of her Fellowship’s Meet the Artist requirements, Julie talked about her drawings, watercolors and oils on canvas and presented a slide show of her current work to an engaged audience at the Bellingham Library.

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