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My work is a reflection of how I see the world before any conscious attempt to order it. A fleeting visual reference, a uniquely weathered surface, or even an odd scrap of conversation could spark an initial direction or suggest a color palette. Yet the process of creating each piece is entirely intuitive to the point that, after the fact, I don’t often recall how it happened. As a child of the sixties, deeply influenced by mid-twentieth century art, I developed the modernist sensibility that has always informed what I do. In my current work, I am taking “action painting” in a new direction, allowing the activated surface to break free from the bounds of the flat rectangle, resulting in works that are still primarily paintings—free-standing, three-dimensional paintings. I have the sense that I have created something that is both rigid and in motion, that I’ve captured something in flight.

My installations in Vancouver City Hall are featured in the April 2013 issue of The Columbian

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