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Karin Stevens (Seattle), choreographer, studied dance at the University of Washington and received her MFA from Mills College. She has danced for VOCI Dance, Double Vision, Omega West, Push Up Something Hidden Dance, Westwick Dolder Dance Theater, Molissa Fenley and Dancers, Penny Hutchinson, among others. Since 1999, she has created over 70 dance works, touring in Florida, Maryland, California, Montana and Washington. Her 2004-2006 collaboration with Oakland Dance Encounter included performances across the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2009, she joined choreographer Molissa Fenley as an Associate Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida.

Karin received 2017 GAP Award funding for Failing Water (working title) - an evening length dance with a moving sculptural installation by Roger Feldman. The choreography incorporates the installation moved by the dancers in various configurations that embody the complex layers of our relationship with water. The work will open with a whole structure, breaking apart into multiple configurations symbolizing the global concerns she will address, and finish with a whole new configuration. The audience will be encouraged to move through the installation after the performance.

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From the Artist

I am grateful to Artist Trust for the acknowledgement of this huge project that has gripped me and taken me on this journey toward addressing water and climate change. The immensity of this problem facing us, that I hope to transfigure toward collective action that moves past fear and apathy begins on the local level. Thank you Artist Trust for your support and for joining Karin Stevens Dance in an effort to generate new movements for our future relationship with water in the face of climate change.

Karin Stevens