Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

I’m a lifelong Seattle resident; marine air and the reflection of light on water have always surrounded me. For many years I’ve enjoyed working in design and communication, but my most personal expression of heart and spirit happens in painting. Using oil and charcoal on canvas, I make abstract work that is full of life. My intent is to translate sensation into visual form. For me, painting is a very physical act, so I want the force of my hand and body to show up in mark-making and the texture of paint. Each piece emerges as the paint goes down; there is no plan. Lines jump, edges shift, space is ambiguous, sometimes empty. But color is deliberate, a framework for holding it all together. Fragments from early layers stay visible to show how the piece has evolved. I’m always trying to find beauty that is primal rather than perfect, and I want the paintings to be open and ready for the viewer to come in and stay for a while.

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