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About the Artist

Kenneth Susynski (Seattle) is an abstract-inspired painter working in oil using swathes of juicy color with the assistance of a mixed assembly of palette knives and brushes. He employs a variety of layered color applications to enforce depth and create a sense of history in each piece.

Kenneth was raised abroad due to his father’s work with the US government, mostly in Germany yet also in Turkey, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. His varied cultural experiences impact his work just as much as any individual artistic influence.

During the course of his life he's been fortunate to bear witness to historical events and customs in diverse cultures, and the common thread binding it all together that has kept him fascinated is fluidity of movement – for example, the rich motion of native dance, the entranced beauty of dervishes, the wild sensations of local cuisine. He seeks to have paint move across the canvas in similar spontaneity and long-term effect – to be alive, in motion, in rhythm, never still.

In 2013 he was interviewed in ARTiculation.

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